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B i o g r a p h y

Sean Corrigan is a 30 year old country singer from Kinawley in the beautiful County of Fermanagh in Ireland


Sean grew up with a great love for Country Music. At a very early age Sean listened to the likes of Merle Haggard, George Jones, Charlie Pride and Ray Lynam and the fondness of American and Irish country music grew from that and its has stuck with him ever since.

Sean was greatly influenced by the late Dan O'Hara (RIP) and former Philomena Begley & Country Flavour guitarist Francie Smith. These two men who Sean would call his heroes played a big part in guiding Sean to be a very successful Country Artist.


Sean has now a very successful career as a entertainer and has grown a great fan base , he is a happy and content man doing what he loves best, playing music and entertaining people.


Sean to date has recorded 3 great country albums “Down That River Road”, “Hello Heart” and “One Of These Days”. Also a DVD entitled “A Heartful Of Country” and is due to release his forth album in Autumn 2015. 




© Sean Corrigan 2015

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